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M0WOF: Woofferton Transmitting Site’s New Amateur Radio Callsign

Photo by Flickt user Shirokazan via Wikimedia Commons.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Porter (G4OYX), who shares the following news:

Hi All,

I am pleased to report that following the efforts of two Communication Engineers at the former BBC/VoA Transmitter site at Woofferton, Shropshire there is again an amateur radio club callsign allocated there.

Jon Norton G1JOD and Matt Porter G8XYJ have applied for M0WOF and the license came through on 16th December.

This new call replaces the former call of G3WOF originally granted in 1967 and then re-activated in 1989 which subsequently again lapsed.

The 2m repeater GB3VM, RV49 is located at the site since 2004 but regrettably at present, coverage is severely restricted to the north by a recently on-air co-channel unit GB3SV south of Stafford.

There are plans to set up a APRS node on 144.800 MHz.

The site is now managed by Encompass Digital Media and carries on HF programme for BBC WS, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty and Korean Broadcasting as well as religious/faith broadcasters. BBC Hereford and Worcester MF local radio is also transmitted in addition to Sunshine Radio 105.9, a commercial VHF/FM station. Downlinking on satellite has been running for many years and just recently up-linking has started for EDM.


Dave Porter G4OYX

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