Passport To World Band Radio No Longer In Print

A message from Larry Magne posted on PTWBR’s website:

ptwbrThanks for your many kind and helpful comments, which have touched us greatly.

Alas, although the long-term future of IBS’ activities continues to be mulled over, there will definitely be no printed 2010 edition of Passport to World Band Radio. At this juncture it appears nearly as certain that online options aren’t going to be feasible, either. Nonetheless, the Japanese-language (only) Blue Pages for 2010 will be offered within Japan, as in the past, by [email protected] later this year.

As one comment mentioned, this is much like the passing of a good friend. PTWBR was one of the first frequency guides I used for the shortwave bands.

Fear not– the World Radio and TV Handbook (WRTH) is still very much alive and well and I use it almost daily. I wrote a post about this fine publication and how it differs from PTWBR. Their 2010 edition can be pre-ordered now.

For a good article on coping without PTWBR, check out this post by Helmuth Kump.

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