A simple upgrade for your Ten-Tec Model 1254 shortwave receiver

In the video below, Alan (W2AEW), shows us the installation and basic operation of an upgraded micro-controller for the Ten Tec Model 1254 Superhet Receiver Kit.

As Alan points out in the video, this is one of two upgrades offered at Cholakian.com. Both upgrades enhance the operation and usability of the Model 1254, giving it many more choices of tuning steps (yes!), the ability to automatically turn off the LED display, more memories and allowing you to eliminate the 9V battery back-up. This basic upgrade costs $38, the premium upgrade costs $68 even allows you to control the receiver via your PC.

Thanks, Alan, for showing us just how simple this upgrade is to perform:

You can see more of Alan’s projects at his website.

3 thoughts on “A simple upgrade for your Ten-Tec Model 1254 shortwave receiver

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  2. w2aew

    If you like that video, you might like four others that I did involving the 1254 receiver.

    Here are Part I and Part II videos that show how I added an analog relative signal strength meter to my 1254:
    Part I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yhMOcpHS7Q
    Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgYAD_eOGLQ

    And for those more technically inclined, here are two videos that walk through the signal path in the 1254:


  3. Gonzalo Vargas

    Dear Sir:

    Congratullations for the nice and instructive video.. I would like to buy one Ten Tec 1254 radio kit for solar flare monitoring, I am a solar observer for AAVSO . I search for Ten Tec 1254 dealers on the Web but with no results!!! Maybe You will help to me ?? Many thanks!!



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