More ERT updates from Athens



SWLing Post reader, Christos, has been reporting regularly on the state of ERT broadcasting in defiance of a government shutdown.

Here’s his latest report:

My logging on the frequencies used by ERT employees:

  • 1404 KHz – KOMOTINI
  • 1260 KHz -RODOS
  • 1512 KHz – CHANIA, CRETE
  • 9420 KHz – AVLIDA

This radio programme can be heard at the following internet address:

  • 1008 KHz CORFU, [is] relaying audio from live video streaming.

This programme can be watched at:

  • 729 KHz
  • 96 MHz FLASH FM for Athens, Attiki.

They broadcast another radio programme.

  • 666 KHz , 981 KHz : Transmitters are active, but there is no audio.

Also, check out Christos’ blog where he has posted several photos he took at ERT protests:

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