Kaito able to update PL-880 firmware in-house

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Earlier we posted that Tecsun PL-880s being sold by Kaito Electronics had an older firmware version (#8819) than those being sold by Anon-Co on eBay (#8820).

Fortunately SWLing Post reader, Tim, has been working directly with Kaito in California. Yesterday, he visited their headquarters where they updated his PL-880 from firmware version 8819 to 8820.

Tim writes:

“Just got back with my PL-880 from Kaito. It took about 5 seconds to update the firmware (they let me watch). Tecsun sent them a little silver box with a cord that plugs into the radio just below the LCD screen. After removing the face plate, they merely plug in the cord, press a button and voilà, the firmware is upgraded to 8820, and no more soft mute problems. They told me mine is the first one to get the update and it seems just great so far!

I asked if they will be updating new radios before they ship, and they said, “of course, by all means.” [T]hey are now selling the radio with 8820 firmware. People who bought the radio before are also welcome to send theirs back for the upgrade.”

The review of the Tecsun PL-880 we posted two weeks ago was purchased from Anon-Co and has the newer 8820 firmware version.

Tim, many thanks for the report!

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4 thoughts on “Kaito able to update PL-880 firmware in-house

  1. Gonzalo Barcia

    I bought mine from Electronnix thru Amazon and is also at 8819. Any idea how could I upgrade my radio? Thanks.

    1. Paul

      The only way is you should send the radio to Kaito´s Headquarters in Montclair, California..the shipping for the round trip is at your expense..ugly but true..imagine, I am in South America, so the shipping (back and forth) is almost the 70% of the radio cost..I´m very upset with Kaito.

      1. tw

        Electronixx and Kaito are one and the same entity, they just use that name on Amazon I believe. Have you contacted Kaito personally about the shipping? A diplomatic phone call instead of a faceless email is often all it takes to make things right. (Phone number is on their web site). It’s fair they should at least meet their customers half-way and pay for the return shipping. It’s a cut and dry case of selling a defective product and any business has to bare these additional costs from time to time.


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