C.Crane CC Witness USB AC Adapter on sale

CCraneACAdaptorMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow (N9EWO) who writes:

I see that CCrane Witness USB AC Adapter is on sale for $9.95 right now.

This analog regulated supply (as reviewed on my web page) works very well with other 5 volt mini-USB powered sets for MW/SW RADIO use (not just for charging) as it’s NOT a switching type supply or contains any switching type regulator, so no switching supply RF noise.


See the bottom of either one of these 2 web pages for my comments (if you have not already).

Many thanks for the tip, Dave! At this price, I think I may pull the trigger.

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3 thoughts on “C.Crane CC Witness USB AC Adapter on sale

  1. Quynh Nguyen

    I want to buy the products below:
    Adapter ??u ra DC9V 15 Pcs Jungeun
    Adapter ??u ra DC15V 2 Pcs Jungeun
    Please sent me quotation for them
    My email: [email protected] (Viet Industry Group in Viet Nam)
    I’m looking forward from you soon!

  2. Curt W Schwarzwalder

    I just checked and this AC adapter-charger remains on sale as of January 31, 2015 at http://www.ccrane.com/Cables-and-Adapters/CC-Witness-Plus-AC-Adapter for $9.95 plus 6.95 postage & handling (in U.S.) I received the Jung Eun (Korea) SR-0509U promptly a few days ago and have successfully charged my PL-880. The radio is useable while employing this analog adapter, unlike with the digital switching Tecsun charger that came with the radio that totally obliterated all AM (LW, MW and SW) bands with what sounded like a loud diesel truck engine noise. This unit is much larger and weightier than the Tecsun, but what a pleasure to be able to listen while charging! Thanks for the recommendation! -Curt

  3. princehifi

    I ordered one. Looking at it as a power option for my Afedri-SDR-Net as the Afedri can be powered via its USB mini-b port.

    In his links, Dave N9EWO gives his inside-the-box assessment of this power adapter, the kind of crack-the-case review which is always welcome with radio-heads.


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