Bayrischer Rundfunk to shut down four MW transmitters end of September 2015


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Alexander (DL4NO), who writes:

“Today I found a message that Bayrischer Rundfunk will shut down its four MW transmitters at the end of September:

The two higher-powered transmitters (Munich 100 kW, Nürnberg 20 kW) are on 801 kHz. The two smaller transmitters (Würzburg and Hof, both in the northern part of Bavaria) are on 729 kHz. The message also says that the BR is intensively updating its DAB+ transmitter net.

Personally I see positive and negative aspects: the 100 kW transmitter is about 15 km from here. Ist field strength tests the large-signal capabilities of my active receiving antenna. The negative aspects should be obvious.”

This is a very good point Alexander. When I listen to clear channel MW stations here in the evenings, I often wonder what it must be like for radio listeners nd amateur radio operators living in close proximity.

Many thanks for relaying the message about  Bayrischer Rundfunk.

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5 thoughts on “Bayrischer Rundfunk to shut down four MW transmitters end of September 2015

  1. Carlo Tenga SWL I8-2088/NA

    The 801 KHZ in Winter time is audible from 16:00 local time in low Italy whit a simple radio set. The Signal in my QTH is clear. Another radio station dead.

  2. Bernhard

    With this and WDR, which is also shutting down, all AM broadcasters in Germany have announced close-down. This means that I will not be able to follow events at home when going more than 50km abroad.
    On the other hand: life can be really relaxed when NOT listening to news …

  3. Roy Sandgren

    Hi there,
    even I do listnen to 801 kHz here in south of Sweden after sunset in my car. Most switched off AM’s are public service and the frequencies can be great to new private local radio stations.. 100 dreds of vacant AM frequencies in Europe !!!


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