Radio Spaceshuttle International: another attempt at a final broadcast


I just received word from Dick at Radio Spaceshuttle International. Last week, they had technical difficulties which prevented them from transmitting their final broadcast.

Fortunately, RSI is making a third(!) attempt to get the show on the air. Dick has informed me that Radio Spaceshuttle International will broadcast tomorrow (Sunday) September 20 from 19:00-20:00 UTC on 13,600 kHz.

By the way, I asked Dick why he was leaving the air. He told me that it’s simply a matter of time–something he has in short supply right now. Will RSI return to the air sometime in the future? Dick responds:

So, I shall not say final goodbyes…. Hopefully Radio Spaceshuttle will return “on some sunny weekend”

Very good.  We’ll be listening! Speaking of which, I will make an effort to hear the RSI broadcast tomorrow, State side, if propagation is in my favor.

Let’s hope the third time is the charm!

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2 thoughts on “Radio Spaceshuttle International: another attempt at a final broadcast

  1. Harald DL1ABJ

    This just came in from Tom Taylor of European Music Radio:

    “Unfortunately the IRRS had a major technical fault on there Continental
    Short Wave Transmitter on Friday that hopefully will be repaired next week.”

    Hopefully Radio Spaceshuttle does not use the same facilitiy…

  2. Harald DL1ABJ

    I am sure he will be back on shortwave. I have heard “last transmissions” from Radio Spaceshuttle before 🙂 Dick is a real radio man.


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