The Avion AV-DR -1401 DRM receiver to ship in October


Many thanks to several SWLing Post readers who shared this RadioWorld article about the new Avion AV-DR -1401 portable DRM receiver. According to RadioWorld, the AV-1401 will be sold through Amazon India as of October 2015 for approximately $175 US.

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8 thoughts on “The Avion AV-DR -1401 DRM receiver to ship in October

  1. TP Reitzel

    The retail price is not too expensive even for the Indian market. Just like new technologies in the past, the initial market is always aimed at those buyers with the resources. India has plenty of people capable and willing to test a new technology such as DRM. Even an initial production and sale of several thousand units should be sufficient to see a future revision. I fully expect other manufacturers of receivers to enter the market for digital shortwave as well now that the USAC codec is available in the new Avion. We’ll have to wait for objective reviews. After my relocation is complete, I’ll probably buy the Avion as well.

    1. TP Reitzel

      Yes, DRM broadcasts can be received in the eastern USA such as VON’s DRM broadcast on 15120 kHz., Also, you’ll likely receive RRI marginally since they still use a Main Service Channel (MSC) of 64 QAM. We’ll have to wait and see if Avion’s new multimedia DRM receiver can perform adequately. Don’t expect miracles with ANY new design. I agree that the ergonomics apparently need more thought, but most manufacturers are guilty in this regard.

  2. PA

    It’s obvious that this radio is ridiculously overpriced, and it might be the ugliest radio ever made. But the purpose of this site is to report the news, and the introduction of a new DRM radio is newsworthy, especially when the specifications are published. Every bit of DRM news coverage reminds manufacturers that there is consumer interest in the technology. I know people who would launch a DRM station if there was a portable DRM receiver for around $50 and a car radio around $100. The price has to come down, and it will.

  3. Keith Perron

    This radio is not affordable. For the Indian market 175USD is to much. If it was around 50USD perhaps. This radio will not take off and will flog like all the others that have come along.

    Also look at the design. It’s awful. Who ever designed it has no no idea who to design a beautiful product. We already got one delivered 7 days ago. Been playing around with it and all I can say is that it’s not worth 175USD.


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