The Enigma Event: an on-air exchange of encrypted messages


(Source: Southgate ARC)

Members of the ARI Fidenza will be activating special callsigns IO4ENG and IQ4FE during the ‘Enigma Event’.

The Enigma Event consists of exchanging ham radio messages over the air encrypted with the Enigma code of WW II memory to commemorate its importance in the history of communications and encryption.

The Event Enigma is one of the “European Researchers’ Night” events on Sept 25th, when a number of initiatives will be organized by European research and cultural institutions.

An Amateur Radio Award (ENIGMA AWARD) is associated with this event. The ham activity of the ENIGMA AWARD will start on Sept. 12th.

All details and rules are available on the official Web site at:

This should be a fun event to hear on the air and one of the very few sponsored by ham radio operators who will intentionally transmit “encrypted” messages.  I will try to tune in.

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2 thoughts on “The Enigma Event: an on-air exchange of encrypted messages

  1. Ron Chester

    In the US the FCC regulations do not permit hams to send encrypted communications. §97.113, prohibits “messages encoded for the purpose of obscuring their meaning,” so an event of this sort would not be allowed. Apparently rules are different in Italy.

    1. John

      Their web site is encrypted too. It’s in Italian. “Great” lanuage to choose if it’s meant as a “world wide” event 🙂


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