Radio Romania International: “Personality of the Year” survey

RRI-RadioRomaniaInternationalMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Iurescia (LW4DAF), who shares information about a new survey via Radio Romania International:

2015-11-14 16:21:00

Dear friends, RRI continues its traditional polling of listeners on short wave, the Internet and social media, with a new challenge.

We would like to ask you which person you think left their imprint on the world in a positive way in 2015. We are preparing to designate, based on your options, “The Personality of the Year 2015 on RRI”.

We also want to ask you why you picked that particular person. It could be a politician, a trendsetter, a businessman, an athlete, an artist, a scientist, or even a regular person with a special story. It’s up to you!

You can send your answers, as usual, by commenting on our website, at, by e-mail at, on our Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, by fax at, or by post, at 60-64, General Berthelot street, sector 1, Bucharest, zip code 010165 (PO Box 111), Romania.

The “Personality of the year 2014 on RRI” was the young Pakistani human rights militant Malala Yousafzai, a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

“The Personality of the year 2015 on RRI” will be announced on January 1st 2016.

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