Now Online: A New WebSDR in Iran


SWLing Post contributor, Mehdi, has informed me that his ham radio club (EP2C) has just put a WebSDR online in Iran–perhaps the first in this part of the world. Mehdi notes some of the details about the receiver:

[The WebSDR is] installed and operated by our amateur club: EP2C (

[Perhaps] the first WebSDR in the Middle East (the nearest one I know of is located at Armenia). We have a dipole antenna and an AVALA SDR receiver (going to be replaced by a SoftRock).

For the moment, it just covers 20 meter band, but we may increase the coverage to 30 and 40 meters too.

The server and antenna are all in EP2C club’s office (Karaj/Iran). Iran’s timezone is GMT+03:30.

Because of our bandwidth limitations, the total number of simultaneous users is limited to 10 (will try to increase it in the future).

Our WebSDR address:

Thank you for the announcement, Mehdi! I’ve been listening to the EP2C WebSDR this morning–it’s been working flawlessly.

Please keep up informed as you improve and upgrade the EP2C WebSDR!

Click here to use to the EP2C WebSDR online.

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7 thoughts on “Now Online: A New WebSDR in Iran

  1. Edward

    A sdr is software defined radio (basically a high speed ADC connected to an antenna and a DSP processor connected to an audio amp and speaker) What is a websdr? sounds like “recieverless” Ap that you download on your i pad and stream the audio from some source? that is a new one on me.

    1. Richard Langley

      A WebSDR is simply an SDR receiver interfaced to the Web to easily allow its use by multiple users simultaneously from virtually anywhere. Have a look at the University of Twente’s WebSDR Web pages for backgrounder info:
      They essentially pioneered the WebSDR technology.

  2. Robert Gulley

    Very cool!! I just tuned in and heard R7ET calling CQ DX several times. He received a response but I only heard his side. I did log him in on the site log and then was able to view the log. It is like I was there!! How exciting for their club and for us!

    1. Mehdi

      Robert, thank you for the kind words.
      It’s certainly very exciting for us (as we’re beginning to appear on air after more than 30 years of inactivity in our country)
      We have plans for contests and DXpeditions too 🙂



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