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MapIf you’ve emailed me in the past two weeks there’s a good chance you haven’t received a response; my apologies.

The reason is that I’ve been travelling through DC, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas, visiting friends and colleagues, as well as attending (and presenting at) the 29th annual Winter SWL Fest. It’s been a fantastic trip and, fortunately, inclement weather happened on days I didn’t need to drive in crazy traffic–about all you can ask for in the northeastern US in the middle of winter.

Late night listening at David Goren's Shortwave Shindig

Late night listening at David Goren’s Shortwave Shindig

But while travelling I had very little time to keep up with email and tips from readers, as is so often the case when one is on the road. Now that I’m back at home base, nearly a hundred emails from Post readers beg responses–so if you haven’t heard from me yet, this is why. As I catch up on my backlog of email, thanks, readers, for your patience and understanding.

But first, let’s see what’s on the shortwave bands this evening…

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4 thoughts on “Home from the ‘Fest

  1. Mario

    Spent a day at the ‘Fest and it was well worth it, great talks on Low Power Broadcasting, Shortwave Receiver Review (great talk Thomas), Kevin’s talk on the Longwave Band, and KNLS with their updates. Met old friends who share a love of shortwave and FTA satellite. Always have a great time and it sort of recharges your interest in radio.

    1. Thomas Post author

      I feel the same way, Mario. The quality of the forums is quite amazing–especially considering that they’re all volunteer. I always walk away from the ‘Fest recharged and curious about new aspects of our radio hobby.


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