Radio Canada International’s 71st anniversary

RCIMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Iurescia (LW4DAF), who writes:

Today February 25 th is the 71th anniversary of Radio Canada International.

They published this:

Earlier this month, I listened to a 2012 spectrum recording of the 31 meter band–RCI’s north Quebec service was transmitting on 9,625 kHz. I sure do miss them on the shortwaves but I’m glad I can do a little radio time travel with my SDRs and tune in once again from time to time.

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4 thoughts on “Radio Canada International’s 71st anniversary

  1. Stephen Cooper

    Perhaps you could upload the I/Q recording (I know it will be big!) to for others to enjoy Thomas?


    1. Thomas Post author

      I would love to, Stephen. I don’t think would allow files that large, though. This particular recording was maybe 640 kHz wide divided into 2 GB chunks (roughly 4 minutes long). Prior to the service closing, though, I did make some narrowband (24 kHz) I/Q recordings centered on 9625 kHz that contain perhaps more than 1 hour per 2 GB chunk.

      One issue though is that my upload speed is .15 mbps and not terribly reliable. The compromise I have living in such a rural area.

      I may be able to upload some files to Dropbox and share.

      My dream is to have a site like the Shortwave Archive where people can share I/Q files. Sadly, most sites don’t like the idea of serving up files that size.


  2. Ken Hansen n2vip

    This brings up a fascinating feature of SDR radios that I have yet to play with – recording a swath of frequencies for later ‘listening’. I could, for example, capture the 31 meter SW band and at a later point in time replay the band and tune various stations out of that captured bandwidth.


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