Dave’s review of the Icom IC-7300


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow (N9EWO), who shares a link to his excellent review of the Icom IC-7300:

Click here to read Dave’s review.

I can tell Dave has put a lot of time and thought in this evaluation of the IC-7300–it’s a worthy read, especially if you’re considering an IC-7300 yourself.

Overall, Dave’s impressions of the ‘7300 are similar to mine (click here to read my ‘7300 review). The IC-7300 is a great rig and (though there are a few minor tweaks needed) the general coverage receiver is sensitive and selective enough to satisfy even the seasoned SWL DXer. Dave even pits the ‘7300 against the WJ-8711A commercial receiver.

Note Mike commented in a previous post that the IC-7300 had difficulty coping with the RF-dense environment of Field Day, but in truth, that is one of the most difficult environments for any ham radio transceiver.

If you own an IC-7300 and have any comments or impressions, please share them with us!

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One thought on “Dave’s review of the Icom IC-7300

  1. Edward

    RF dense field day environments is the keyword. I recall trying to use a Heath 6 meter super-re gen “lunch box” transceiver with poor results. All of the tube Collins, National, Hammarlund, stuff worked fine (even SSB and CW on the same band). We are back at ground zero relearning the nuances of SDR performance all over again. New learning curve


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