Alex updates shortwave frequency charts for 2016 summer season

Fullscreen capture 8162016 110343 AM

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Alex, who has just informed me that he’s updated his printer-friendly shortwave frequency charts for the summer broadcasting season. Alex mentions that he posted English in Europe on one A4 sheet, plus 5 A4 sheets running through the vast majority of stations that can now be heard in Europe.

Note that Alex creates his charts based on listening to broadcasters rather than importing schedules from other sources.

You can download the free charts on his website:

Many thanks, Alex!

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2 thoughts on “Alex updates shortwave frequency charts for 2016 summer season

  1. Lawrence Harris

    Many thanks too Alex!

    Looks like I was listening (in Hamburg, N Germany) to BBC from S.Africa yesterday morning on 7.36 MHz at circa 0400 – amazing reception too with a signal strength S6 – S8!

    Best regards


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