Breaking: 2017 Dayton Hamvention to be held at the Greene County Fairgrounds

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Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Scott Gamble (W5BSG), who writes:

I just saw this local news post about the venue for Hamvention 2017.

(Source: WDTN)

Image: Chris Smith / WDTN Photo

Image: Chris Smith / WDTN Photo

XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – Days after Hara Arena announced it will close its doors, an announcement from Greene County officials revealed that Hamvention will be held at the Greene County Fairgrounds next year, according to our partners at the Xenia Gazette.

The event for ham-radio enthusiasts generated about $21 million last year and drew a crowd of more than 27,000 for Montgomery County. The proceeds for this year’s event will now go to Greene County.

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And here is a link to the fairgrounds site for information about the location.

Many thanks for the tip, Scott!

I just did a quick distance calculation on Google Maps and determined that the distance between HARA Arena and the new location is only about 35 minutes.


For some of us who regularly stay on the east side of Dayton, our commute may be even be a little shorter.

At first glance–and since I’ve never been to this facility, I can’t speak with any certainty–it looks like there’s very little in terms of indoor exhibitor area. I’ve pasted a screen grab from the Fairgrounds website showing a list of their buildings and dimensions:

I had done a little research the other day and came to the conclusion that Montgomery County and the City of Dayton had no truly suitable locations for the Hamvention.

Looking at the official Dayton Convention and Visitors Bureau website, there’s simply nothing large enough to accommodate the Hamvention exhibitors and visitors . The biggest offering is the Dayton Convention Center, but it’s tiny compared to HARA Arena.

There’s also the Nutter Center, but it’s not designed as a convention space, so to speak.

Moving to Cincinnati, there is the Duke Energy Convention Center, which looks to be as modern as the facility in Friedrichshafen, Germany. It might hold the indoor part of the Hamvention, but doesn’t look big enough to handle the parking and a flea market.

I’m sure DARA has done their research and the Greene County Fairgrounds are the next best option. I hope vendors and exhibitors agree and attend next year.

I plan to attend the 2017 Hamvention and I’m hoping the new facility will please everyone. I imagine it’ll be no small task for DARA to relocate such a large event.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking: 2017 Dayton Hamvention to be held at the Greene County Fairgrounds

  1. Rod

    This will be my 12th adventure to the Dayton HAMvention! Although I will miss the old site especially the “PUB”, this will be an almost complete change! We are staying about 11 miles away in Beavercreek with lots of eateries! Very close to the FDIM site…. Four Days In May is the QRP event held at the same time as the Dayton HAMvention. 73 Rod W8GRI

  2. Ward Kremer

    I’ve attended Dayton Hamventention at Hara’s for appx 22-24 years,and stay in Cincy with friends.It’s an early morning trip for sure,but worth the extra time for a comfy house and meals. I’ve not been to Greene County facility yet. Any info re site especially flea market spaces (we usually get 4).,sharing with friends in from California,Cincy,&South Bend IN.would be appreciated. ’73 KI4JHA Ward Kremer

  3. David Jay

    Would love to see the Hamvention in Columbus. But then……..they couldn’t call it Dayton anymore. Lol!

  4. B Boards

    I wonder if they checked the state fairgrounds/expo center in Columbus? I’m guessing that the cost kept them away from there (as well as political issues…)


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