New Experimental Radio Station: Skycast (WI2XER)


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Benn, who writes:

[Skycast (WI2XER)] is a station in the Experimental Radio Service, licensed under Part 5 of the FCC Rules.

Benn provided the following details:

Licensed 3 March 2016: SKYCAST SERVICES LLC WI2XER 0809-EX-PL-2015

New experimental to operate in HF bands from 13.87 MHz to 21 MHz to pursue significant advancements in the state of telecommunications technology.

Farmingville (Suffolk), NY


Explanation, redacted:

Note location of receivers, stated in section 6.

Explanation of redactions:

Benn continues:

HF operations in the ERS are rare. I have been following ERS for years.

Applicants in this service are required to describe their experimental program, but can ask the FCC to withhold certain details from public disclosure. That is the reason for the redactions.

The actual purpose of this Skycast is not obvious from the available documentation, but some intrepid investigation may reveal it. SWLs should listen for these operations. The company said that the receivers are in Western Europe.

Experimental stations are not supposed to directly generate revenue. There are occasional exceptions. Most ERS stations are for defense and security related developments, specific demonstrations or academic research.

Readers: please comment if you have any information about this station or its service. Any reception reports/notes would also be welcome!

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5 thoughts on “New Experimental Radio Station: Skycast (WI2XER)

  1. Chad KJ4VYI

    funny that when you look up the address ( 80 sw 8th st #2000 miami fl ) it pulls up – THE ISC ( The International Student Company ) –

    seems like they bring in students from france to the us on special visas for paid internships

    pulling up the number ( from one of the attached links ( 772-248-1434 ) on face book pulls up some lady with old post from 2014 – number could have been reused

    pulling up the number from ISC site into facebook pulls up some lady with lots of repost from ICS ( must work there )

    who knows what they are doing could it be that they are working on communications with the main hub in france or ????

    Strange that skycast and ISC in the same building same suite number and has ties to western eruope

    what could be going one sounds like a good mystery/ espionage jason bourn movie !! hahaha


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