SDRplay RSP now only $129 in the US

The SDRplay RSP software defined radio

The SDRplay RSP software defined radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike Hansgen (K8RAT), who shares the following message from SDRplay:

Monday September 12th

Thanks to the weakening of the GB Pound, the dollar exchange rate has changed significantly over the past few months. We have decided that we would like to pass on the benefit of this to our customers and so have reduced the price for which we sell the RSP to those customers who buy directly from us in US Dollars down to $129.

Thanks for the tip, Mike! That’s a fantastic price for the SDRplay RSP which, I believe, was already a good value at $149 US. Click here to purchase the RSP directly from SDRplay.

Update: HRO have also adjusted their RSP pricing to $129 US.

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One thought on “SDRplay RSP now only $129 in the US

  1. Jim Rittenhouse

    I’ve been debating kicking in for the RSP for a while, and finally broke down with this sale and picked one up; delivery cost about $20 and was *lightning* fast from the UK to the Chicago suburbs via DHL.

    First impression: gee, this is *tiny*, very light and with an SMA plug end, I was really surprised. VERY portable. It comes with no cables or software or printed material except for a card that said the manual and software are all online and have to be downloaded.

    More later after I get the stuff and figure out how it basically works.


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