4 thoughts on “Tecsun S-8800 English Operation Manual

  1. Jose Luis

    Hello, my name is Jose Luis. Buy this model. The band selector has stopped working. It only receives FM. Try reset but it doesn’t work. Is there a hidden function to solve this? Thank you Best regards.

  2. DanH

    I downloaded and took a quick look at the S-8800 Operation Manual. This may be a very interesting multiband portable. A 50 ohm BNC jack is provided for external antennas in addition to connections for high impedance antennas and grounding. There is a selection of bandwidth choices for LW/MW/SW in AM and SSB, but the widest is only 6 kHz. Audio output power is bumped up to just under a watt. Two 18650 Li-ion batteries for power. No RDS provision for FM which is a serious omission at the anticipated price point. There doesn’t seem to be a SYNC function for SW. LW/MW/SW sensitivity control is a two-position LOCAL/DX switch instead of an RF GAIN potentiometer. I look forward to reading reviews of this radio!

  3. Rich

    Thanks for this Thomas – I am eagerly awaiting delivery of this radio from Germany. Look forward to seeing how it performs against the PL-880.




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