New Program From Tilford Productions Invades the Airwaves…

Tilford Productions, which brings you From the Isle of Music, is launching a second program, Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot, a half-hour musical variety program on WBCQ 7490 KHz perhaps best described as indescribable, or as host Bill Tilford states, “from the ridiculously sublime to the sublimely ridiculous with genres from A-Z”.
The inaugural broadcast is Friday, March 3,  0000-0030 World Date/UTC
(Thursday, March 2, 7:00pm-7:30pm EST in North America)

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About Bill Tilford

Bill has been a shortwave listener since the 1960s, a program host and producer for the past several years, and he currently produces and hosts From the Isle of Music, Uncle Bill's Melting Pot and WBCQ Concert Hall in addition to curating the Radio Angela block of entertainment programs on that station and periodic collaborative specials with other stations. He also writes about Cuban music including on the website and is active in the music industry as a producer and liner notes writer.

2 thoughts on “New Program From Tilford Productions Invades the Airwaves…

  1. Peat

    I caught this evening’s inaugural broadcast. It definitely delivered variety. Bluegrass, (comedic) blues, polka, AC/DC gone polka (seriously!), Bulgarian and… Cuban? These types of programs are exactly what shortwave needs right now. An oasis among all the news, religion and politics.

    Thanks, Uncle Bill. Much appreciated.

    1. Bill Tilford Post author

      Uncle Bill sez…….

      Thank you kindly, Peat. The song that you were wondering about possibly being Cuban was actually Manu Dibango, originally from Cameroon, now in Europe.
      We do have another program dedicated to Cuban Music, From the Isle of Music, on WBCQ 7490 as well as Channel 292 in Germany and undergoing tests with
      Spaceline in Bulgaria.
      Fred Waterer’s article in this month’s The Spectrum Monitor mentions a few programs by different people that are worth a listen. There are a few of us out there for those
      who seek. i agree that there is room on the airwaves for plenty more.
      Thanks again, and


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