The Mighty KBC broadcasting on two frequencies this weekend

Many thanks to Eric van Willegen who shares the following announcement:

The Mighty KBC on 2 frequencies

This Sunday 00:00 – 02:00 UTC
We will use 2 frequencies for across the pond!
6040 kHz & 6145 kHz. Don’t miss it.

Rocking Over The Ocean with 125.000 Watts!!

Note that’s Saturday afternoon/evening for those of us in North America!

2 thoughts on “The Mighty KBC broadcasting on two frequencies this weekend

  1. John Howieson

    I haven’t done much with SW for quite a while. Just wanna ask if the program you’re referring to is at 0000 to 0200 UTC is actually Saturday evening. Just checking!

    Belleville, Ontario

  2. Alan

    Well technically its the first two hours of Sunday UTC. but yes its what i would call late Saturday evening.
    I used to wonder why i never heard KBC here in Ireland until i realized i was 24 hours late 🙂


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