Radio Mi Amigo International: Special live broadcast today

(Source: Radio Mi Amigo International via Mike Terry)

Radio Mi Amigo International presents a very special live broadcast remembering those days ‘the music almost died’. We remember Aug. 1967 (UK) and Aug. 1974 (Netherland) when the MOA (‘Anti-Pirate-Law’) became law in those countries and stopped most of the offshore stations. We remember with the songs from that time and some original recordings.

The show will be aired on August, 27 from 19 – 21 hr CET (17 – 19 hr UTC) on 11845 kHz in the 25m SW-band with 100 kw of power all over Europe and also online on our webstreams.

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1 thought on “Radio Mi Amigo International: Special live broadcast today

  1. John c.

    Very Cool, as I was able to pick them up here in South Central, PA. I switched Antennas to my Wellbrook ALA1530LNPro with a more Easterly orientation then my ALA 1530S+ that I first started listening to them on. Reception SINPO was 33233. S-5 signal. I picked up multiple station ID’s, songs like Respect, Mr. Tambourine Man, I shot the Sherriff, and the Radio Mi Amigo Song, etc. I’ll be sending out a reception report tomorrow via Air Mail.


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