CC Skywave Special Offer

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Troy Riedel, who notes that C. Crane is shipping a free AC Adapter with their CC Skywave portable (see image above). The total package price is $89.99.

Note that this is for the original CC Skywave, which I think is a brilliant little radio and one of my favorite travel companions. Note, too, that all CC Skywave models include a set of CC Buds–the best earphones any manufacturer includes with a radio.

This promotion does not include shipping, which adds an additional $12.99 to the total price.

If you have no need for the AC Adapter, you can purchase the CC Skywave for $89.99 from with free shipping. Personally, I never use AC adapters with portables–I only use batteries to power the radio. If you want an adapter though, the deal via C. Crane will save you a few dollars.

Click here to view this sale at C. Crane.

To be clear, this deal is for the original CC Skywave. The new CC Skywave SSB should start shipping in early November. At $169.99, it costs almost double the price of the original CC Skywave. If SSB mode isn’t important to you, you might jump on this original CC Skywave.

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1 thought on “CC Skywave Special Offer

  1. DanH

    I never listen to my multiband portables with an AC power adapter. Those wall wart switching power supplies send a lot of unwanted noise into the radios, especially for shortwave listening. I do insist on having and using the wall wart on my Sangean ATS-909X because this radio will charge NiMH batteries inside the radio with a smart charger. I only use it for charging, though. My new Eton Satellit also charges NiMH batteries inside the radio but with a dumb charger which isn’t worth trying more than once.


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