Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving here in the United States–without a doubt, my favorite holiday.  What’s not to love about family, feasting, and, of course, friends? To that end:

I’d like to take a moment to offer my thanks to all of you who read, comment, and otherwise contribute to the SWLing Post community.

I’d especially like to thank our new Patrons, Producers, Executive Producers and Coffee Fund contributors. Your financial support helps keep this a dynamic radio space over the long haul!

You all make this a terrific place for everything radio!

Thank you!

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10 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Edward

    Any MP3’s in the archive of Ian from Radio Canada International wishing a happy thanksgiving?
    Ian was the quintessential holiday greeter on short wave.

  2. DanH

    Happy Thanksgiving. I’m visiting family but the radio and reel-up antenna have come along. I’m grateful for a few extra SFI numbers and a quiet geomagnetic field, too.

  3. Mario

    Yes Happy Thanksgiving to you Thomas and to all the folks here at the SWLingPost who continually contribute interesting stories and comments. Don’t forget to reserve a few minutes during this day to spin the VFO dial and listen to SW. Lots to be thankful for.


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