FCC authorizes wireless power transmission experimental station

Many thanks to an SWLing Post contributor @experimradio who shares the following information from the FCC website:

Experiment authorized by FCC: WJ2XGB, 1800 kHz

https://apps.fcc.gov/els/GetAtt.html?id=202374&x=. [PDF]

Our Texzon Wireless Power™ system allows the Earth itself to be used for clean, safe and efficient transfer of power between any two points on the globe, wirelessly. The system represents a paradigm shift in the science of electromagnetics.


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5 thoughts on “FCC authorizes wireless power transmission experimental station

  1. Dave

    “Tesla was on a ride to nowhere with his pie-in-the-sky ‘broadcast power’”

    Tru enuf but when the business people found out that they could have instant communications with the public then they all piled in…

    The spoken word was the power… Still is…

  2. Edward

    I hope it does not carry far. It is between the broadcast band and 160 meters. Maybe the FCC should require it to be a pure sine wave harmonic free, no modulation and stable from drift. This could be an untoward source of interference to both bands as well as harmonics up and down the spectrum. Also the results of their science project should be made public.

  3. Andy

    Tesla was on a ride to nowhere with his pie-in-the-sky ‘broadcast power’ and so is this company. You cannot send useful amounts of power from one place to a distant place (or even not so distant) without wasting a huge proportion of it. I’d love to read their explanation of the theory behind it.


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