Tom praises Anon-Co’s “first-rate” customer service

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom Adams (W9LBB), who left the following comment on our Tecsun PL-880 review:

Just a note re. kudos to Anon-co re. customer support.

I got a PL880 late last year, and LOVED it; so much so that I ordered a second one, the “special edition” version, both radios from Anon-co.

While waiting for the second radio to be delivered, my first one developed a bug; the AM broadcast band was dead at turn-on. Sometimes switching to FM and back to AM made it work… not good.

The second radio arrived, and it worked on short wave for about 5 minutes, and went dead. Turning it off and waiting a while brought it back… but it would die in 5 – 10 minutes again.

I wrote Anon-co about the problems, and Anna addressed the problems. After the usual fixes (reset, pulling the battery for a half hour and reinserting to reboot the processor) failed, she had me send both radios back for factory service. Anon-co covered the cost of the FedEx to get them back to Hong Kong.

A half hour ago I got a note from Anna.

The newest radio is confirmed dead; they’re replacing it.

The older radio (sent for repairs under warranty) seems to have developed a bug that the technicians have never seen before. They say that diagnosis and repair could be very difficult… therefore they are replacing THAT radio too!

I’m a happy camper with that solution… and I can’t praise Anon-co and Anna too highly! FIRST RATE customer service!!!

Thanks for sharing this feedback, Tom. I’ve had the same experience with Anon-Co over the many years I’ve done business with them. Anna is an amazing customer-focused agent and they stand by their products each and every time.

There are so few companies who retail shortwave radios these days it’s nice to know that Tecsun’s primary distributor in Hong Kong is one of the best in the business! We can buy from Anon-Co with confidence.

Click here to check out Anon-Co’s website.

Click here to check out Anon-Co’s listings on eBay.

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6 thoughts on “Tom praises Anon-Co’s “first-rate” customer service

  1. Bob Faucett

    I’ve purchased several Tecsun radios from Anon-Co during the past year or so. I’ve always been pleased with their service. I’ve never had to use their customer support. There are a few models of Tecsun radios available that are not offered on Amazon. For example, I purchased my PL-680 from Anon-Co.

    They also have several useful accessories that I have purchased. For example, they offer two styles of carrying cases for Tecsun radios. One for small radios like the PL-310ET and one for larger radios like the PL-660 and PL-880. I bought one for my R-9700RX (English model from Amazon) as I wasn’t too fond of the case that came with it. Here’s the links:

    They also have a replacement pouch for the PL-660:
    Of course, this can be used for other radios. I just use a label maker to put a new label over the PL-660 label on the pouch.

    They also offer a USB adapter cable for charging / powering the PL-600, 660, and 680 radios. Very nice and convenient! No more need to use a wall wart for those radios! Look for the U-600 on their website if you’re interested. I have a couple of them and they work great. Here’s the link:

    I’m happy to see Tom’s report on Anon-Co’s service and support. Thanks for sharing that! I’m also happy to see other folks posting that they’ve had positive experiences with Anon-Co.

    Cheers! Bob F. 🙂

  2. AlanG

    I always use for my tecsun radios excellent service.
    Not sure what your problems is Kanwar you got exactly what you ordered.

    “The following items are included in the package:
    R-9700DX radio (Chinese version)”

  3. DanH

    I called Sangean USA customer service shortly after buying an ATS-909X three years ago. They answered some questions I had about operating the radio. There has been no need to call them since but I won’t hesitate to call again if necessary. Very pleasant experience.

  4. Kanwar Sandhu

    I want to share my experience with this company, which was not very good. I have purchased 3 Tecsun radios from them so far – PL 660, PL 880, R 9012 and R-9700 DX. All radios are working fine and there is no complaint.
    But, R-9700 DX, which I have received is carrying all markings in Chinese and I didn’t notice it while ordering that it was mentioned as Chinese version. I complained about this to Anna and she gave me a weird answer that I should have read the instructions properly before ordering. There was no instruction as such in the order form telling me that I will be receiving a radio with markings in Chinese. Instead of offering to exchange the radio, she wrote that I will get 5% discount in my next purchase.

    1. Mike

      Kanwar I also ordered the R-9700 DX from Anon some time ago. It’s marked very clearly on their site that it is the Chinese version. Just shows how amazing Anon-Co is to have offered you 5% off on your next order even for something that wasn’t their fault. I know of almost no other companies that would do this.

      I’ve been buying from Anon-Co for a long time via ebay. I sing their praises all the time–theyre the best in the biz!

      Way to go Anon.

  5. Mario

    Thanks for the post Tom (and Thomas!) , never heard of this company but they have a good selection of radios for sale. Nice to “window shop” their website.


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