A bookish radio: The Listener by E.R. Fone

A radio disguised as book – ‘The Listener’ by E. R. Fone. c.1920s.

I discovered a photo of the The Listener by E.R. Fone via Dan Wilson’s Twitter feed. What a fascinating piece of vintage gear!

Post readers: Any other radios in disguise that you’ve discovered?  Please share links, photos and/or details in the comments section!

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2 thoughts on “A bookish radio: The Listener by E.R. Fone

  1. Ian Lasslett

    I have a ‘The LISTENER by E.R.FONE” vintage radio which was passed down the family line by my grandfather (1880’s). I was interested in it but not enough to explore what parts were required to get it functioning.
    It appears to me to be constructed out of bakelite or similar material. (email me for photos). I’m happy to pass it on to someone who will appreciate it I can be contacted on mobile 0438 055 424.

  2. David

    I don’t have a photo, but in the 1970s I had a jukebox poster with a working AM radio mounted as part of the artwork.


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