Photos of WBCQ station construction

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Lee Reynolds, who shares these images and notes after he visited Monticello, Maine recently:

Here’re a few shots to show where the state of play of the new station setup
stands as of [six] days ago.

Thanks for sharing these shots, Lee! Looks like the station is coming along nicely.

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2 thoughts on “Photos of WBCQ station construction

  1. Mark

    Thanks for the pics Lee, I was wondering how the new transmitter was coming along.

    It’s 500 Kw isn’t it ?

    I can hear several WBCQ transmissions here in Ireland but their output is only around 50 Kw most of the time so penetration here into Western Europe isn’t the best so this 500 Kw monster should absolutely blast in , they have some good programming.


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