Cyber Monday Sale on the Google Home Mini $25

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Chris Freitas, who adds the following note to our post about the Echo Dot Cyber Monday sale:

It is also worth noting that the Google Home Mini (a similar product) is also having the same sale. You can snag one for about $25 on most retailers. If you’re invested in the Google ecosystem, then it is definitely worth checking out.

Click here to checkout the Google Home Mini.

Wow–this is a great deal as well.  Keep in mind, though, that the Alexa Shortwave Signals skill will not work with Google Home products at present–it only works with Amazon products with the Alexa system.

I’m very tempted to grab a Google Home Mini and see how effectively it works as a WiFi radio. Like the Amazon Echo system, it uses TuneIn as an aggregator.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!

Update: I did purchase the Google Home Mini, but found the price a bit cheaper through BestBuy since they include free shipping.

Click here to check out the Google Home Mini at Best Buy.

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2 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Sale on the Google Home Mini $25

  1. Kelly Mills

    I have several Google minis and a Google Home. They are much better than the Amazon Echo for tuning into radio stations. The Google devices seem to recognize what station you want much better than than Amazon.

    Also, you can use TuneIn Radio and I Heart Radio phone apps to tune your Google devices. There’s a button in the apps that lets you “cast” to different devices. This allows you to use a phone app to tune to different stations.

  2. William Mead

    I’ve had the Google mini since last Christmas. I find it works great as an internet radio (not to mention other tasks as well.) I have mine in the kitchen so it’s really easy to say ‘hey Google, play BBC Five Live’ even when your hands are occupied or messy from food prep.
    It brings up whatever station I want within ten seconds or less and sounds pretty good. You can also stream to mini from your phone by ‘chome casting.’
    I used to have my C Crane internet radio in the kitchen but that’s now moved to the shack where I don’t mind a more hands-on radio experience.


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