4 thoughts on “Radio Habana Cuba: Updated frequencies for Nov. 2018 – Mar. 2019 period

  1. Mark O'Byrnes

    I Think RHC’s Transmitters have seen a lot better days, 6000 Khz had poor audio for a long time, strong signal sometimes here in Ireland but could hardly hear the audio. Last I heard it it had greatly improved.

    6060, 6100, 6165 Khz are increasingly difficult to hear in Ireland now due to interfering stations. %040 Khz has a decent signal sometimes.

    6000 Khz is blasting into Ireland now at 10-15 Db over 9. Sadly the BBC is too close so I have to listen with half the bandwidth on my Kiwi SDR. But still sounds good.

    What I find interesting is that shortwave-info show the transmitter now as 250 Kw where 6000 Khz was always 100 Kw which must help with the Audio.

    Sadly there is a lot of QRM from another station on 6000, until about 4 am UTC until the BBC fires up at 5:00 am UTC.

    6060 is being blasted out with a 500 Kw station in Germany , some Arabic language station in France .

    6165 Khz sounds good, S9 audio a bit quiet but quite clear signal.

    1. Samuel Rhine

      I get really weak low level audio on the english broadcasts most of the time too. 6000 used to be good but not so much anymore. I really miss listening in, specially for DXers unlimited.

  2. DP

    Not seeing this on the new schedule, however, On 6000 right now at 03:00 UTC – but their audio is actually audible for the first time in months…

  3. Tom Reitzel

    Isn’t it sweet of Kuba to broadcast on 13700 kHz from 1400 to 1600Z with 20 kHz of over-modulated splatter while WINB attempts to broadcast digital on 13690 kHz during the same time?

    Personally, I hope WBCQ will use their new 500 kW station to send Kuba a clear message since Kuba won’t be able to jam the signal with any success. After all, Kuba has been squatting on WBCQ’s frequency of 9330 kHz for quite some time. Allan, may I suggest periodically using a frequency for one of Kuba’s number stations as well?

    If this reply sounds a bit sarcastic, isn’t it about time for SOMEONE with the CAPABILITY to send Cuba a clear message? How many broadcasts is Cuba entitled to inhibit with their ultra-wide noise? I wish any answer existed, but decades suggest otherwise.


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