Please Take Action: DOD Broadcast and Listener Survey on WWV and WWVH

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Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dennis Dura, who shares the following note from Paul English (WD8DBY), Chief, Army MARS:

DOD Broadcast and Listener Survey on WWV and WWVH

From 14-24 August, WWV and WWVH will be broadcasting a DOD message at 10 mins past the hour on WWV and 50 mins past the hour on WWVH. As part of the message, all listeners are asked to take a listener survey at the URL specified in the message.

The results of this survey are shared with WWV/H personnel to show their NIST chain of command how often their stations are monitored and how the various timing signals and messages are used by the listeners.

Please take a listen to this message and take the survey…as the saying goes, “every vote counts” and your input to this survey is being used to help demonstrate the importance of these stations.

Thanks for your consideration in this effort.

Paul English, WD8DBY
Chief, Army MARS

Many thanks for sharing this, Dennis. Readers have also shared this ARRL News item urging listeners to take the DOD survey.

If you appreciate WWV/WWVH, please take a moment to complete this short survey.

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4 thoughts on “Please Take Action: DOD Broadcast and Listener Survey on WWV and WWVH

  1. TomL

    I like hearing WWV and WWVH when starting a listening session to get a feel for propagation on different bands from a Standard transmitter that is always there, especially if I can hearing both of them from my Midwest location. I also do not always want to look up the internet because it adds noise to my listening setup, so hearing certain propagation or other radio related announcements is a useful thing. Besides, if I am in a remote location trying to get away from cursed noise conditions, I may not have good 3G/4G cell reception and I don’t want to drain my cell phone battery trying.

  2. Laurence N.

    For anyone filling out this survey, I’m curious if you could also post your reasons here. I don’t use WWV primarily because it’s not easy to receive from my location, but also because I have a lot of good ways to determine the time with pretty good precision. I understand the use case for WWVB for setting clocks, but I’ve never really seen the shortwave broadcasts as particularly useful. I’m curious how readers are using the system, and why the many other mechanisms for precise timing available to us in the modern day aren’t as good in those situations. I don’t doubt that there are examples of this, I just can’t really think of any off the top of my head.


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