Carlos questions possible Radio Denge Welat jamming

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Carlos Latuff, who writes:

Greetings from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Yesterday I listened something unusual.

On the shortwave band of 11.520 kHz, 11.525 kHz and then 11.530 kHz, this last the frequency of Kurdish Radio Denge Welat, it was broadcasting military songs from the times of the Ottoman Empire something [typically associated with] the Turkish far-right. It happened yesterday [September 26, 2019] at 19h09 UTC. I made a video clip of this transmission:

Click here to view on YouTube.

So, if Turkish patriotic/military songs were broadcast on the same frequency of a Kurdish radio, could we assume that this is a kind of jamming from Turkey, like China do with U.S. govt “Free Asia” radio, broadcasting Chinese music on the same frequency?

Are you familiar with this kind of jamming coming from Turkey?

Please comment if you can shed some light on Carlos’ request.

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7 thoughts on “Carlos questions possible Radio Denge Welat jamming

  1. Mark Taylor

    I have heard the Turkish jammer on a number of occasions. The most recent was on 12/31/20 when Denge Welat moved from 11530 to 11540. Here’s my log to myself that day. “Turkish music jammer vs Denge Welat (currently on 11540). Turkish music, 1317 strident speech (about 95% sure it is Turkish,) musical interruptions, continuing in this vein – section of strident speech followed by about a minute of music, then another speech clip. 1335 into long a capella march, strident speech ~1 minute, announcement, music. ” Initially I was sure the speaker was Turkish. Later I was not as sure if it was Turkish or Kurdish. this station was not // Denge Welat on 11540 which was on another receiver.

  2. Marcus Keulertz

    Turkish Propaganda from this narcissistic president,who wants to infiltrate their f…. ideology to the western countries. I think we’re really tired of the rebirth of neofascism coming from this president. I think in Germany,France and Russia. Nobody wants a new intercultural conflict. We learned our lesson from WW2.

  3. Carlos Latuff

    Hey Thomas, I think I solved this puzzle.
    Check this out from World Wide DX Club in Germany:

    “Turkey is transmitting military music and speeches, and at 1034 UT the
    Turkish National Anthem with Denge Welat just audible underneath.

    For the past 10 days or so Turkey has been chasing Denge Welat around the
    25 m band (11510-11550 kHz) transmitting this same programme over the top
    of Denge Welat in an attempt to jam it, but the use of a higher frequency
    may make it more difficult for Turkey to jam it within the coverage area.”

  4. Don't want to give for security

    Hello from Turkey,
    you are right, that is -pseudo- Ottoman military song.
    But that is very interesting because I can hear RDW very good SINPO.

    1. Marcus Keulertz

      What do you mean by pseudo ottoman??
      This music and speeches of hate are very annoying to us. Pure propaganda and suppression to an ethnic group which lives for centuries in your country and derives from the Persian culture,which is 5000 years old.


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