The radio man of Kumartuli

Set against this unlikely backdrop, Amit Ranjan Karmakar’s little shop is easy to miss. In his mid-60s, the ‘radio man’ of Kumartuli sits surrounded by radio sets of all sizes and vintages. (Express photo: Shashi Ghosh)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Kim Elliott, who shares a link to this short but fantastic photo pdoc about Kumartuli’s radio man, Amit Ranjan Karmakar.

Click here to view at The Indian Express.

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2 thoughts on “The radio man of Kumartuli

  1. Shirshendu Banerjee

    Having been on both sides of the broadcasting ‘Manorama’, the gratitude we in radio owe to people like Ranjan Da who contributed his life’s work to the magic of radio is heartfelt. While some of us have taken ourselves out of radio but none have managed to take radio out of themselves.
    Radio will continue to live on .


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