Eton Executive Traveler hits all time low price on Amazon

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Christian, who writes:

The price of the Eton Executive Traveler just hit an all time low on Amazon at $35.13. This is a lot of radio for the price which includes free shipping. If you’ve been following this thread over the past few months you’ll know that the price fluctuates almost daily. Maybe a good time to grab for the holidays! Just my two cents (plus $35.11). Hi hi.

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Thank you for the tip, Christian!

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2 thoughts on “Eton Executive Traveler hits all time low price on Amazon

  1. Bob Faucett

    IMHO, this radio is a leftover from the 20th century. All of that wasted space on the front just for a time dial. It’s just so pre-Internet in design, purpose, and function. I own an Eton Mini, Eton Field BT, and Eton Executive Satellit (along with various Tecsun models). The Executive Traveler has never appealed to me. The space taken up by the time dial could have been used for a numeric keypad.

    Now it looks like this radio has been replaced with the ELITE TRAVELER RADIO. It also looks like the Mini, Executive, and the Field models now also have the “Elite” moniker. Yeah… change the color and slightly change the name. Yawn. Meh…

  2. JD

    I listen with headphones, so your experience may differ with mine. With it’s ear deafening click (when turning on or changing bands), it’s loud background hiss (poor audio amplifier design) and tinny sounding speaker, $35 is still too much for this radio. Not a terrible radio, but adjust your expectations downward to avoid disappointment!


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