Illustrator for Passport to World Band Radio, Gahan Wilson, dies at 89

Those of us who purchased the Passport to World Band Radio will no doubt remember Gahan Wilson’s whimsical illustrations and cover art. I looked forward to each edition of PTWBR and, especially, seeing the cover art for the first time.

Wilson was a noted illustrator and cartoonist who did work for a numberof major publications. Obviously, he was also a radio enthusiast.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tony, who shares this obit of Wilson from the New York Times.

Rest in peace, Mr. Wilson.

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2 thoughts on “Illustrator for Passport to World Band Radio, Gahan Wilson, dies at 89

  1. Rick Germain

    Sadly “PASSPORT” has been removed from the website at the request of the publisher. Happily there is a LIFETIME of other reading there! The “DX – Logs – SW – Ham” Tab has great resources.

  2. Dan

    Of all of the radio publications that I used to read regularly (Popular Communications, Monitoring Times, etc), Passport is the only one that I really truly miss – the info, the format.


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