Phil recommends The Radio Historian website

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Phill (W9IXX), who writes:

Thought might be interested in this if you haven’t already mentioned this site:

Check out his calendars!

Thanks for the tip, Phil! I know we’ve linked to article on this site before, but thanks for mentioning it again. This is truly a treasure trove for those of us who love vintage radio.  I especially like the articles page which has a number of fascinating reports. Of course there are a load of photographs and recordings as well.

Click here to check out The Radio Historian website.

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2 thoughts on “Phil recommends The Radio Historian website

  1. Charles Dube

    You can spend years going through what is collected at that site. An I definitely recommend the calendar! I’ve been buying and collecting them for a few years now and they are a source of joy all year ’round. This year’s edition features highlights of American radio broadcasting, from KDKA, WLS, WBZ, the Alpine site, to KGBS. The photos are all very high quality colorized restorations. Nice work.

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