Shortwave Shindig live stream tonight via the Wave Farm

David Goren hosts the annual Shortwave Shindig at the Winter SWL Fest

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Goren, who notes that the Winter SWL Fest Shortwave Shindig will stream live via the Wave Farm this evening.

The Shortwave Shindig will begin on February 28, 2020 at 9:15 pm EST (or February, 29 at 2:15 UTC).

The stream link will be accessible at the Wave Farm website, but only when the show is live.

To listen to the Shortwave Shindig live, simply click on this link to view the Shindig page at the Wave Farm Website.

You can also access the Shortwave Shindig live stream by clicking on the “Listen” link at the top left corner of the Wave Farm website. Note the stream link will only appear and play when the show is live.

Here’s a description of the 2020 Shortwave Shindig from the Winter SWL Fest website:


Come join our informal and popular late night hang as David Goren and friends celebrate the short wavelengths with stories, songs, and vintage sounds.

Shortwave Shindig Opening Ceremonies
2115 – 2200
Our resident folk music laureate Saul Broudy opens the show with old radio favorites and specialties from his vast repertoire followed by a revue of shortwave sounds in popular culture and specially commissioned works.

Meet the Archivists
2200 – 2245
Our panel of radio archivists Thomas Witherspoon, Mark Fahey and David Goren share rarities from their archives including some gems from the recently rescued collection of the late Michael Pool aka The Professor.

NYC FM Pirate Radio Update
2245 – 2330
A sneak peek at a major update to the Brooklyn Pirate Radio Sound Map and related news and discussion about urban pirate radio in the U.S.

Mercy! So Much Noise
Tom Miller aka Comrade Squelch and David Goren weave a dense mix combining live radio with archival air checks.

Many thanks, David, for sharing this info!  I look forward to participating in the Shortwave Shindig once again!

Viva la radio!

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9 thoughts on “Shortwave Shindig live stream tonight via the Wave Farm

      1. Richard Langley

        Well, it seems the cell phone fell on the floor during Thomas’s presentation. 🙁 So, we still need the local archive.

  1. David Goren

    Shooter: Thanks for your comment, but keep in mind that the Shortwave Shindig is just one of the offerings at the Winter SWL Fest none of which is broadcast live on shortwave radio. It’s a huge undertaking to do a formatted live broadcast on shortwave, so instead I decided to offer the audio of our usual (very) informally paced Shindig via stream as a courtesy to those who might find it of interest.

  2. Richard Langley

    I tried to record the audio stream provided by Wave Farm last night as the Shindig went on past by bedtime. The software said the audio stopped at 22:41:03 EST and it stopped recording. It said the audio came back at 23:52:38 EST built didn’t start recording again as it requires a click to start. So, was there an hour-longish outage? Why not use a cell phone link to the Internet rather than Wi-Fi to stream the audio to Wave Farm if the hotel Wi-Fi is unreliable? Anyway, was the audio recorded in the hotel and will it be available later for download?

  3. Shooter

    Odd that I can’t find an actual shortwave FREQUENCY for this affair! It’s all online? To bring attention to shortwave? WTH?

    1. Thomas Post author

      In the past, they have done live broadcasts of the Shortwave Shindig via WRMI. I’m sure they will again in the future. Problem is, the only viable Internet connection we have in the conference room of the hotel is….well…hotel Internet. It’s very unreliable. Last night, it dropped twice during the live stream. Until a better solution is found, it’s hard to send the audio live to WRMI for broadcast.

      1. David Goren

        The streaming was via a cellphone signal not wifi. I think the stream dropped because the phone got knocked on the floor at some point, and I didn’t notice right away. I may post some excerpts but likely not the whole thing.


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