Free to a good home: A Vintage Grundig Satellit 600 Professional

I was recently contacted by Allan Rosenbluth, a particularly generous SWLing Post reader.

Allan contacted me because he would like to give away his cosmetically excellent Grundig Satellit 600 Professional (see photo above) with all the original paperwork. He said that the radio turns on, but does not work or produce sound.  Allan purchased this radio for his father who has sadly passed away.

I would assume the 600 might need to be re-capped, or it might only need a little DeOxit on some of the contacts.

We’re not looking for someone to fix the 600 and flip it on eBay, we would simply like his dad’s Satellit 600 Pro to find a good home.

Allan is not interested in the hassle of shipping this radio–he only want to arrange a local pickup.

If you live near Encino, CA (91436) and are interested, simply contact Allan via his email address.

Thanks again, Allan!

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5 thoughts on “Free to a good home: A Vintage Grundig Satellit 600 Professional

  1. Anthony Lungu

    I bought the Grundig Satellit 600 professional 1985 still working well despite few defects, am in Africa we don’t have proper technicians to repair or service it which country near Zambia could service my radio

  2. Julian Stargardt

    Hi Ray,

    Were you able to service / repair Allan’s Grundig 600? I expect a number of us would like to know…. 🙂

    I have a separate question:
    Does the 600 indicate where it’s made?
    I’m curious to know if the Grundig 600, 650 and 700 were made by Tecsun or a precursor of Tecsun


  3. Mario

    I have plenty of radios but this one could be an easy fix. I’d first plug in a pair of headphones to see if you can hear audio. Might just be a bent pin in the earphone jack. Some of the Baofengs had that problem.

    Very generous of Allan. Hope the radio finds a home.

    1. Ray Robinson

      Well, this morning I was fortunate enough to be able to collect the Grundig Satellit 600 Pro from Allan’s home. He is indeed a very generous person. The radio is in wonderful condition, although non-functioning as he stated. Once the current restrictions are lifted, I will endeavor to enlist the help of a radio engineer friend of mine to see what can be done to restore it operationally. Thank you again, Allan!

      1. Kz

        I wrote mail to Allan without reading the comments, my bad!

        I really wanted to have it as it has sentimental memories hence the search for the brand and arrival on this blog many months later.

        I hope you enjoy it and any memories that you may have with it.


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