DUST “Voskhod”: A Sci-Fi short that features ham radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Scott Gamble, who shares the following science fiction short film called “Voskhod” by DUST.

The synopsis:

After repairing his HAM radio using parts found in the forest, a recluse radio operator receives a distress call from a stranded Soviet cosmonaut in orbit.

I thoroughly enjoyed this short film. We radio enthusiasts will certainly notice some inaccuracies on the radio side of things–feel free to comment on those–but I suggest you exercise a willing suspension of disbelief and truly enjoy this piece!

Click here to view on YouTube.

Can you identify the National radio model? Please comment!

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3 thoughts on “DUST “Voskhod”: A Sci-Fi short that features ham radio

  1. Al Adlawan

    May I know the music album or source of the blues record that was played? I have been perplexed with the music since watching it

  2. Tom

    Weird. Especially that the hero thought he’d get in trouble for contacting someone in the Soviet Union! Hams there were closely supervised; ours weren’t!


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