KiwiSDRs are back on Amazon

The KiwiSDR (Photo by Mark Fahey)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike, who writes:

Hi Thomas, I just noticed that Amazon has an inventory of KiwiSDRs for sale. I’m planning to snag one even though I don’t plan to put it online (because my IPDSL connection is just too slow). I’ve always wanted one and let’s just say I’ll be ready to join the community if I ever get a bandwidth upgrade! Price on Amazon is $299 for the full kit.

Thanks for the tip, Mike! You and I are in similar situations–my KiwiSDR (a gift from Mark Fahey–thanks!) would be online right now if I had the bandwidth and enough monthly data to support it. Like you, when I get an Internet pipeline upgrade, one of the first things I’ll do is put my KiwiSDR online!

Click here to view on Amazon (this affiliate link supports the SWLing Post at no cost to you)

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4 thoughts on “KiwiSDRs are back on Amazon

    1. KiwiSDR

      Yes, the 10 on Seeed’s website went within a few days. Same now for Seeed Amazon. They were from a build of 50 units, the bulk of which went to restock a distributor in the UK. A build of another 100 is in process. There was also a mixup with Mouser USA’s restock order that we’re trying to get fixed.

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  2. john b

    They’re great radios and a simple, uncluttered UI….a great combination

    I love the two I have ( and 8074).


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