Anon-Co publishes pricing and availability of Tecsun PL-990x packages

Anon-Co has just posted pricing and availability of the Tecsun PL-990x:

The PL-990x package like the pre-production unit I received costs $235 US shipped free via the postal service or via FedEx for an additional $9.00.

This package includes the Tecsun PL-990x, Tecsun EP-20 stereo earphones, 16GB microSD card, Tecsun AN-03L wire antenna, protective carrying pouch, charging cable, USB wall charger, radio amateur world map, and an English manual.

Click here to view the product page.

In October, Anon-Co will also start shipping a PL-990x package that comes in a hardcover case and an ICR-100 recorder. This version will be $283.00 US.

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4 thoughts on “Anon-Co publishes pricing and availability of Tecsun PL-990x packages

  1. Babis

    For users does not own yet higher class Tecsun radios seems to me good / fair price … according to ANON-CO it accepts external antenna at MW (big bonus for me) & according to review here in the blog at MW seems does well as it is by default plus the 990X does cover more freq …

    MW external antenna is big plus for me, last night i got possible Tawain 9000 km far (but they have 300kw) with an old rare pl-747

    so i am thinking later & put the hand deeper in the pocket and go for it (was planning for a pl-330 mainly OIRT band because from time to time appearing e-sporadic radios from Ukraine/Russia down here to Greece, plus its price & ssb)

    Can i ask? is possible via micro sd card to accept future firmware update? & many thanks for the update, 73!

    1. Babis

      sorry for writing mistakes such Taiwan (did not check it) … but to add … once no recordings via micro sd card, Tecsun should try to give us possible firmware updates via card, i mean this time with this radio could be possible and sure will help in the case bugs appears or possible software functions does not work well

  2. Paul

    Honestly based on the few reviews out there now, the real question is why would one buy this radio? Any improvements appear to be small and marginal.


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