Ivan demonstrates the incredible SDR# Co-Channel Canceller

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ivan (NO2CW), who shares the following short demo of the new SDR# Co-Channel interference canceller tool:

That is simply amazing!

Readers note: this powerful tool for DXing is a free upgrade for SDR# users!

Click here to read more about the Co-Channel Canceller.


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One thought on “Ivan demonstrates the incredible SDR# Co-Channel Canceller

  1. Bill R

    I’ve been messing around with this. It seems to be great at suppressing a powerful signal over top of a weak one. Unfortunately, where I live, the utility of this is not great.

    Would that I could put that-to-be-blanked on some peak of electronic interference just a few KHz offset from the signal I’m trying to hear. I don’t think that works.

    Still, brilliant! The Airspy is a better radio than I deserve. I am still frikin trying to figure out how to use its ninety-leven or more functions but OMG it has a lot of them. Best I have found to do is just start sliding the sliders around and see what works. I feel stupid for doing it this way- total ignorance of what I am doing, why, or how- but if it works, who cares?


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