Pete rediscovers the 1984 Channel 4 Film “C.Q.”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor,  Pete Madtone, who writes:

I was coming home from my tai chi class in the local park yesterday and remembered this play that I watched a long time ago. Please tell me you don’t know it!

[In] the credits at the end it has another radio connection: the UK reggae DJ (BBC) David Rodigan. Great eh?

“Life changes dramatically for radio amateur Norman when he gets in touch with a round-the-world yachtsman who introduces him to a different life – and a taste of fame.”

Thanks, Pete! I was not at all familiar with this TV Movie, but I absolutely love the nostalgia factor!

Post readers: Anyone familiar with “C.Q.”–? Do you remember watching it when it was first broadcast in 1984? Please comment!


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5 thoughts on “Pete rediscovers the 1984 Channel 4 Film “C.Q.”

  1. John Fitzgerald

    I had forgotten this. A change to have reasonably correct procedure and the right frequency area for maritime mobiles.
    Did watch it then and happy to see it again now.

    John G8XTJ

  2. Kris

    Checking out the two callsigns “G4ESB” and “G4FLP/MM” on, both entries takes us to Ian G0YAP.
    Ian more info please..!

    de G8AUU

  3. 13dka

    Just what the doctor prescribed in cases of “got a new TRX delivered this afternoon but the batteriy needs to be charged and my micro USB charging cable it is too short to play with it at the same time”, thank you! 🙂

    1. rtc

      Good flick,shows correct amateur procedure etc. unlike most portrayals of our
      Another such film is 1939’s “Everybody’s Hobby”,the amateurs at Warner Bros.
      did an excellent job.
      They were even ahead of their time,the callsigns used were WA6- whatever,which
      were not issued in reality for another 20 years in 1959!
      Comes up on TCM every now and then.

      1. 13dka

        Even the frequency was correct, the true-to-life exchange with his spouse about the new antenna and all, I had a few good laughs! 🙂


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