“This Is A Music Show” 100th show via WRMI

Many thanks to the host of This Is A Music Show, who shares the following announcement:

Hi Thomas,

Just wanted to let you (and your readers) know about the special milestone broadcast happening on Wednesday evening in North America: “This Is A Music Show” will be having its 100th episode, and to celebrate the occasion the show will be 2 hours long. The show is broadcast on WRMI’s 5850 kHz transmitter, which covers most of North America coast-to-coast. The official schedule:

Thursday 0200-0400UTC on 5850 kHz (Wednesday 6-8pm PT/9-11pm ET) via WRMI

For those who haven’t heard the program, each week I play the finest secondhand vinyl records found at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, etc. The 100th episode will feature some favourite finds from the past couple of years, along with a wide range of lesser-known-but-still-great tunes that you may or may not have heard before. I hope you can tune in and maybe hear your new favourite song or artist. 🙂

Best Regards–

Your Host

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