Dan discovers a Squires Sanders SS-1R on eBay

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson who notes that there currently a Squires Sanders SS-1R on eBay. He notes:

Ultra rare amateur receiver. The only thing rarer is a SS-IBS, the SW bands version.

This is certainly a “fixer upper” in that it will need a re-stringing and likely at least a recapping. The chassis is super clean, though, and the internals look great.

Click here to check it out on eBay (partner link).

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5 thoughts on “Dan discovers a Squires Sanders SS-1R on eBay

  1. john

    For the rarity of that radio and the price it’s likely to sell for, I’d certainly pay 96$ to ship it if it’s done professionally.

    1. Lou

      A bargain given the weight and effort involved with shipping a radio like that.

      I recently had to ship an engine control unit from WA State to Quebec. 2 lbs came out to just under $130 using Fedex. Thankfully the export allowance has gone up since I last shipped something to Canada so the fees were negligible.

      Funny thing is both UPS and FedEx both offer an international ground service but none of the corporate stores I went to could figure out how to ship it by ground. ~$25 would have been nice.

      USPS to another country? Nope. Might as well light my money on fire and throw my package in the trash.


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