Dan spots a rare Collins 51S1 LTV G133 F military receiver on eBay

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who notes:

This military version of the 51S-1 receiver is almost never seen on the used market.

Click here to view on eBay.

Thank you, Dan! The seller claims that this radio is fully working with tubes replaced and has undergone a complete alignment. Hopefully, caps have been replaced as well.

I’ll admit: if I had the space, I would add this rig to my collection in a heartbeat, although I expect the price of this unit will far exceed my budget!  It is a beauty, though.

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3 thoughts on “Dan spots a rare Collins 51S1 LTV G133 F military receiver on eBay

  1. Brian, W9IND

    For those dreaming of owning this receiver … you’ll have to keep dreaming!

    It was sold on April 4 for $2,125.

  2. Michael Black

    The 51S-1 was a high end receiver at the time, so most went to government agencies. Embassies, spies,maybe mi!itary installations. (Apparently Gary Power’s U-2 plane had a Collins KWM-1 for special communication.)

    These were modified by a third party for some specific use.So while they have that “mi!itary look”, I’m sure other 51S-1 receivers saw mi!itary use without the modifications.

    I gather there may have been other high end receivers that were modified for specific use by third parties. Start with an ultimate receiver like the 51J-4, and customize it for specific demand. Cheaper than designing a receiver from scratch.


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