Behold the epic Sony CRF-320!

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Phil Ewing, who highlights this tweet from @Ea4Hng:

“Testing the good old Sony CRF-320 after many years not in use. It works flawlessly in all bands”

EA4HGN’s photo, above, reminds me that the Sony CRF-320 sports one of the best designs I’ve ever seen in a portable radio. A proper Apollo era aesthetic!

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14 thoughts on “Behold the epic Sony CRF-320!

  1. Elliott the rail head

    I just inherited my dads crf-320 after 25 years of service in his care. And it still works as flawlessly as it did the day he brought it home. I used it often as a kid and it even did a 1 year stint in my bedroom. So happy to have this. Even had the original leather carrying case that it came with. Fun fact. Back when these came out they were issued to employees at US embassies around the world.

  2. Stewart Rosendaul

    I have a CFR-320 in my in my small home office ( i guess you could call it that ) that i use everyday for 30 years I’d guess … I am the 2nd owner and it was a gift .. my oldest son will have it some day as my road gets shorter .. It’s in great shape and I have the Sony book that came with it .. It set’s next to a Zenith Wave Magnet of the 40’s vintage I’d guess … It was my father’s .. We would take it on Vacation to a little lake and would camp in a tent for a week so .. It had an antenna that was stored in the back of the case the he stick the antenna on the back side window of the 41 Plymouth ( it has suction cups on it for window use ) …. I an 79 and I believe he had it before I was born ( not sure ) it is complete and I would guess not working … My youngest son will get this one … I just happened on to the site

  3. Dan Robinson

    It’s probably good to observe that 320/330 receivers should be used frequently — otherwise the chances of gear deterioration and other problems increase over time. The older rotating drum style clocks were replaced by LED clocks in later production. I have both a 320 and 330 with LED clocks — those clocks also used both C cells and later, AA batteries, which need to be closely watched and changed and left out of the radio if it’s not being used for a long period of time.

    For those owners, and others, interested in exchange of information about these classic sets, please see the group at:

  4. 13dka

    I behold and admire most CRF series radios when I see them! 🙂 I’m strictly refusing to fill my man cave with vintage radios and such, but for a CRF-320 I’d make an exception. 🙂

    By coincidence, I saw a somewhat less spectacular but still pretty cool CRF-230 offered on German “eBay Kleinanzeigen” today, allegedly located on an island 40 miles out in the North Sea and only 145€! Of course the single pic and the sparse and confusing blob of description was stolen from a Swiss auction platform and the whole thing was yet another scam with collectibles, otherwise I would’ve asked someone to pick up that $1,000 radio by plane. 😀

    1. Dan Robinson

      The CRF-230/B was a much earlier version of the SONY megaportables, using drum style band selection — the 230s are beautiful sets but condition varies and many of them are in poor shape. As with all of these beautiful SONY mega-portables, you have to ask numerous questions of the seller.


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