The new HanRongDa HRD-747 portable spotted on Ali Baba

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Michael Schuster, who writes:

The Shenzhen HanRongDa HRD-747 is now spotted in the wholesale supply channel at US$53, minimum order 2 pieces.

The Ali listing has some closeups showing the display and key functions, battery compartment, sockets, and even a brief video demonstrating airband reception.

Thank you for sharing this, Mike! I would welcome a review of this portable!

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12 thoughts on “The new HanRongDa HRD-747 portable spotted on Ali Baba

  1. Jordan

    This radio looks really interesting.

    Right now I have a Tecsun PL-380, but am interested in getting something that can handle SSB.

    I was thinking about the PL-330, but the VHF and UHF capability on this little Hanrongda radio is a nice and very welcome bonus.

    Is there anything out there that compares in terms of band coverage? The ideal would be something like a “Malahit” receiver but the real / non-buggy ones are expensive and hard to come by.

    1. Mike Murray

      I have had the radio for 4 days. There are a number of software bugs causing serious issues.
      1: Air band has no gain. No coverage whasoever. It is caused I think by a setting that cannot be turned off. The setting is 2MIX. You can turn on that 2MIX setting on short wave which also disables short wave but on short wave you can reset it back to “off” by taking out the battery. No such luck with Air band. It stays on permanantly with the air band.
      I am not sure what the setting does as it’s function or use not mentioned in the manual.
      If somebody has any ideas on how to fix this or what that setting does, let me know.
      2: There is no bandwidth selection on SSB.
      3: There is interference that sounds like a whine on ssb when you have a florescent energy saving bulb on in the same room. Points to bad internal shielding. I thought the radio was faulty until I switched off the light and it stopped.
      4: On Upper side band, voice transmission is high pitched and fine tuning does not normalise it. Lower side band is fine.
      Looks like I got the buggy pre-release version. Damn.

  2. Mike Murray

    I just bought the HRD 747 off Ebay UK for about £60. Amazing little device.
    I am currently comparing the results of this radio with the SW and SSB results I achieve on the XHData 808.
    So far, the HRD 747 compares favourably.
    I have picked up more SW stations on the HRD 747 than on the XHData D-808 on auto-scan.
    The the HRD 747 is more comparable maybe to the Tecsun PL-330 scan wise.
    The speaker is a bit tinny as you would expect, but you knew that already. What do you expect on a receiver that size? But it’s listenable, even for music on FM.
    Basically this radio is a near full sweep of 520KHZ to 550 MHZ. Some achievement for a radio this size.
    I remember my lecturer in the University lab 30 years ago showing off all his professional Marconi, Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu receivers in the lab and this tiny radio can do much more that these old radios.
    If I was designing it, I would have included Long Wave just to be completist, but that’s just me.

    1. K.U.

      Which bandwidth did you use in your D-808 while scanning? This does have an effect on the number of found stations. This happens because signal to noise ratio is higher at narrower bandwidth and XHDATA D-808 includes a station to its search results if certain signal to noise threshold is exceeded. Hint: follow the signal to noise ratio indicator in D-808 while scanning!

      1. Michael Murray

        Good point KU.
        But the difference is the Tecsun and HRD 747 do it out of the box. No need for bandwidth adjustment before scanning.

  3. Paul JAMET

    I asked to Weilian Yang [HaRongDa in Shenzhen City] “chinaszhrd”
    Do you know when this receiver will be sold by Aliexpress?

    I received today this answer:

    ===> It will be available around the beginning of August

    I don’t know the price yet

  4. James Tedford

    For some reason, when I saw this strory, instead of “Han-RongDa” my brain says “Bha-Ram-You” I’m pretty sure this is just me.


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