China Radio International’s German language service via shortwave ends today, August 31, 2021

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Gérard Koopal, who writes:

Dear Thomas,

Just received the following message from CRI’s German language service.

They will stop their German language on shortwave from August 31, 2021.

The only way to listen to their German presence will be via the Internet. Sorry that they made this decision since i listened to them on a regular basis. The internet is no substitute for shortwave!

Original announcement in German:

Liebe Radiofreunde,

auch wenn wir am 31. August unser Kurzwellenprogramm in deutscher Sprache einstellen, sind wir als Radio China International (CRI) auf Deutsch natürlich weiterhin für Sie da.

Wie überall in der Welt stehen auch bei uns im Fokus unserer Abeit nun die Neuen Medien. Und genau dort werden Sie uns auch künftig finden. Unter den folgenden Links bieten wir Ihnen auch weiterhin die aktuellsten Informationen aus und rund um China:

Facebook: CRI German

APP: China Info

Deutsche Redaktion von CRI

Thank you for sharing this with us, Gérard.

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14 thoughts on “China Radio International’s German language service via shortwave ends today, August 31, 2021

  1. Karel

    It’s september 2022 and they are still broadcasting music at the times it told to be german language program by old schedules, and talking something at the end of this 2 hours program each time. It’ s surprising how they are wasting power…

  2. Mike N7MSD

    A couple thoughts come to mind reading the other comments here:

    1. I’m sure China would like SWL to die as they wouldn’t have to spend all that money jamming incoming signals. I guess the only reason they haven’t banned SW receivers is because receiver bans down in DPRK and the former USSR never worked.

    2. Increasing SW directed at western countries is probably for their spies. They even bought and operate an AM / MW transmitter for the Washington DC market and most think this is its real purpose.

  3. Maurizio Tosetti

    Hello ! I have a news ! I am listening Cri German in 17615 khz. It’s the 1 st Septmber. Why is it yet available ?
    Maybe will be an only program music ?

    1. Harald

      The UTC morning broadcast is a repeat of yesterday´s evening program, as always. We will have to check today at 1600 UTC, if they are really gone.

      1. Maurizio Tosetti

        Hello I am listening on 7380 khz, and CRi German is not died. The broadcast now is about Chinese music as announced for Italian service.

        I don’t understand this new format , I prefer as Voice of Korea with a little news bullettin and the rest music

    1. Luca T

      SW reciever manufacturers will continue making them as long as there is a market for them. CRI is not the only broadcaster so even if they reduce/withdraw their programming there are other stations that people will listen to. Just think about Africa and the giant market that it represents for these manufacturers.

  4. Julio Cesar Pereira

    Well, since CRI is shutting down its German service, I hope they also shut down the frequency. Although, CRI replaced normal Polish and German service programming with music and at the end of the broadcast they announce the frequencies where you can tune these services. I think they either resume normal programming or leave these frequencies vacant.

  5. Hank Michalenka, CPA

    Amazing to see CRI is dropping German and keeping Esperanto. I wonder how large that audience is?
    And I agree with Richard Cuff, I’m not sure CRI is interested in the average hobbyist SWL. I’m afraid we are becoming an anachronism, and a shrinking group at that.

    1. Harald

      It is not online. It was sent by e-mail to listeners. And it was announced during today´s final program. Final s/off was at 1957 UTC.

  6. Maurizio Tosetti

    Hello for Italian service change the format broadcast It will be only a musical transmission with less update. I usually listening at 7265 khz 22:30 23:00 from 1st September.
    Oh mein Gott ! 🙁 It’ s a pity to lose German service 🙁

  7. Richard Cuff

    Interesting that this is roughly the 20th anniversary of the BBC World Service ending their targeted North American frequencies in English. The fact this is China — which increased its use of shortwave to reach North America as the BBC (and others) decreased — is interesting.

    I am sure their leadership would say that the type of listener they wish to reach is not a shortwave listener…it hurt to hear that in 2001 and it still hurts to hear that in 2021.

    1. Roger Fitzharris

      And yet, they (the Chinese), are only too happy to continue selling us (the SWLs of the world) their Made in China multi-band receivers.


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